1882 Espresso

The top blend of the Vergnano range: superior, exclusive, made up of the best varieties of coffee in the world, especially for connoisseurs, for longer pleasure.

Espresso Crema

Soft and delicately aromatic, with the sweet flavour of Central American Arabica and the intense, chocolatey aroma of Asian Robusta. The balance between aroma and body is perfect. For those who prefer their coffee delicate, perfumed and light, but with body.

Espresso Classico

A blend with a full, rounded flavour, it has the intense fragrance of the best Robusta coffees, a persistent cream and intense hazelnut colour.


A balanced product, with a delicate taste and rounded fragrance, thanks to the slow roasting of the most prestigious, decaffeinated origins. Ideal to be enjoyed in the evening.